ART CLASSIC is committed to providing excellent customer service. We always appreciate the opportunity to assist customers whether they are walk in customers in our company or online customers through our website. Without our customers, we will not be here and we are well aware of this fact. We will continue to work hard at offering the best quality products and services for our valued customers at the competitive possible prices. We are committed to our customers and appreciate the opportunity of serving them

An ART CLASSIC  will reply you within 12-24 hrs after reviewing this information. If you are interested in purchasing containers from us or need an ASAP answer? Contact us via chat, 24/7! For existing furniture orders, please call us.

You can text us at +62(812)25714555 –  to chat with a support agent via Whats App text message / SMS and to consent to receiving text messages for that purpose. Please allow the system to acknowledge a simple greeting (even “Hi” will do!) before providing your question/order details.

Your satisfaction with ART CLASSIC is very important to us. If you have any questions about the furniture you have on order or the furniture in your home, we are here to help.

You can either call us or email us, and we will aim to respond to your email within 24/48 hours. Please don’t forget to share your order number if you have it at hand, this will help when dealing with your enquiry.


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