Joglo is a traditional house of central java. Joglo a frame house from the main building of traditional Javanese house, which consists of four pillars form the main pillars supporting the structure and composition of inter cropping in the form of beams supported on pillars.
Homeowners joglo in the Java community in general is of the nobility.
The room in the house joglo generally divided into three parts :

  • The first part is called pendhopo meeting room. Pendhopo has a function as a place to receive guests. The structure of the building on pendhopo use as a pedestal base with pillar, the 4 pillars (main mast) as a symbol of four cardinal directions, and 12 pillar pengarak.
  • The second part is the living room or space that used to hold a puppet show, called pringgitan.
  • The third part is called the back room or omah Ndalem jero, and is used as a family room. In this room there are three senthong (room), namely senthong left, senthong middle, and right senthong. Ndalem joglo is central to the house. Its main function as a family room. On the spatial pattern, there is a difference in floor height Ndalem, dividing the space into two areas. On the higher floors are used as a place and out of the air, while the lower part is used as a family room and senthong.