The price of the Bali Gazebo and Wooden House are depending on your choice of the below items, so please email me with the specification of your choice:


Gazebo: We can accommodate any gazebo size

Wooden House: Any size, from 3×4 meter to unlimited size

Wood (for both Gazebo and Wooden House)

Coconut Wood: the lowest kind of wood, only suitable for gazebo in tropical countries, not suitable for wooden house, and is the cheapest.

Bangkirai Wood: better wood than coconut, suitable for both gazebo and wooden house for non extreme weather countries, i.e. Dubai, a bit more expensive than coconut wood.

Merbau Wood: the strongest wood for both Gazebo or Wooden house, will not bend or crack under extreme weather condition, a bit more expensive than Bangkirai wood.


Roof (for both Gazebo and Wooden House)

Grass Roof: good for Balinese-look gazebo or wooden house, good for around 10 years but after 5 years the color will fade, can be replaced with new grass, not expensive.

Wooden Shingle Roof:

Canvas Roof: suitable for gazebo only

Metal Roof: alternative roof to replace wooden shingle roof, strong and will last forever


For Gazebo: square, octagonal, hexagonal,

Wall (for Wooden House)

Single Wall: Cheaper, strong structure

Double Wall: More expensive but more sound proof and stro