The roof beams and rafters are manufactured from treated wood. The round or square timber posts are H4 treated for in-ground use. Because of the durability of the wood we are Able to offer a great warranty against rot and decay. We endeavor to use only premium quality WOOD plantation that is stabilized and treated with safe treatment is used for lungkungan human life and structures subject to moist environments where timber would be Likely to experience fungal decay. The treatment is non-corrosive and suitable for applications where
dimensional-stability is important. Timber is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly building products. It is natural, renewable and sustainable. Choosing wood over energy-intensive building materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum and brick can have a substantial impact on carbon emissions. We have a strong commitment to the environment.

We use premium grade thatch on all our gazebos and huts. It is durable, has a long life span,
and off? ers natural beauty. The thatch is totally unique natural and environmentally friendly
will off? er years of beauty and service. Our carefully selected thatch grass is grown naturally in
the correct locations.
After many years of testing all the types of stains and oils we now use safe and environmentally friendly, We are happy to use any stain that you prefer at no extra cost to you. Just tell us what you prefer and we can stain your hut or gazebo to your exact specifications.

Hot dipped galvanized bolts and brackets. Also we use treated wood screws that are
galvanized for long life, wear and durability.

Roof Pitch
The roof pitch of a gazebo or House Knock Down is a big factor in Determining the longevity of the roof. Usually, a steeper roof (higher pitch) thatch roof will last longer due to its better drainage
capabilities. For this reason, we use a roof pitch of 40 degrees (minimum) therefore extending
the life of the thatch. This dramatically Also Reduces damage done by strong winds.

Roof Designs
The latest roof design so? Ftware are used to the Ensure that all timber sizes are designed
According to Australian Standards. We can also supply you with drawings and a design
specification if needed