Luxury and High-end Prefabricated knock-down wooden houses,Gazebo, Bungalow, Cabana

We are one of the most accomplished Luxury Hardwood Prefab Houses in Java. We are custom fabricators and can construct prefab houses 100% according to your specifications and requirements. With a company in Jepara, Central Java, we can deliver a Sustainable Prefab House to your door anywhere in the world. ART Classic always uses certified legal timber and is grown in a sustainable manner. We provide free services to discuss your prefab house project with one of our specialists who can advise you to make your dream home

Prefab House-1
Wooden Cabana
With Pillow
JOGLO Traditional
Java House
Gazebo Wood
100% legal wood
Pergola Outdoor
Style in your garden

As a boutique-sized design and fabrication company we engage with a manageable number of clients each year. This allows for controllable processes, unlimited attention-to-detail and a strong commitment to customer support. We have a long track record of satisfied customers.

ART CLASSIC absolutely committed to treating our Customers, Suppliers, Employees and most importantly the Environment with utmost respect. Our business model adheres to these 4 dictates :

  1. Honorable, honest and transparent business practice.

  2. Responsible sustainable and efficient conservation principles.

  3. Fair & just labor practices.

  4. Honor all governmental requirements (business licensing, export regulations, tax
    payments, etc.).

An overriding issue for customers dealing with overseas suppliers is ‘trust’. With permission from loyal customers, ART CLASSIC can provide testimonials to new customers or prospective customers. When you’re using the web for seeking products and information, it’s often impossible to determine who you are dealing with.
The principals’ of ART CLASSIC are wholly committed to practicing common principles in all of our business affairs. It is a fundamental ingredient of our business model that we engender satisfied customers. We are responsive to all forms of communication we receive. Make contact with us via phone, Skype, fax or email and you’ll be communicating directly with us.

We design for optimum material use, we never skimp on the Hardwood Raw Materials required for structural strength, quality and design aesthetics. Our commtment for structural building always focus on quality rather than choosing to implement any cost cutting measures. For all of our overseas shipments, we always include extra beams for all part categories in case items get damaged during shipping or re-assembly.

All hardwoods obtained by ART CLASSIC are purchased from legal forest timber concessions in Indonesia. To do even better than re-balance nature.
ART CLASSIC is fully certified for the legal export of wood products with an SVLK license. SVLK stands for Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu which translates to Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System. It is designed to check the legality of timber from forest all the way through to export using independent auditors. This system requires a clear chain of custody, which ensures that customers are purchasing 100% legally harvested timber. 

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Prefabricated Wooden Construction and Building
We can provide a professional construction team for large projects dealing with all aspects of the building process Prefab Wooden House
Concept Design and Architectural Services
Our experienced in-house design team can assist at all stages of the prefab house design process. Design options include working directly from our clients’ existing plans and, if necessary, making adjustments to these plans to fit the construction processes and materials in use.
Worldwide Export
All our wooden houses are constructed and then taken apart and packed into containers at our factory in Bali. All the prefabricated housing components are individually labelled and these details are added to the construction drawings. They are then transported through our freight forwarders to their destination.
World Wide Installation Services
To provide full turnkey solution services to our clients, we can offer an installation service on many large-scale projects no matter where they are.


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